6 Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil (And How To Use It)

Published 20th Jan 2023

A prominent oil in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the most luxurious and sought-after essential oils on the market.  

In this article we’ll look at the benefits Sandalwood Essential Oil can bring to your general health and wellbeing and how to incorporate it into your routine to best receive its benefits.  

Let’s dive in.  

Firstly, What Is Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Extracted from the wood of the Santalum spicatum plant species, Sandalwood Essential Oil is a popular essential oil known to be beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. 

It is extracted via steam distillation to produce an oil with a deeply earthy, somewhat woody aroma laced with subtle balsamic notes.

6 Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the most highly valued essential oils known to offer a variety of benefits for the mind and body. These include: 

1. May Help Ease Respiratory Conditions

Medically, Sandalwood Essential Oil is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

When diffused and inhaled, Sandalwood Oil is believed to help assist with managing headaches, colds, chest infections and indigestion.   

2. Known To Help Relieve Stress

Sandalwood Oil contains high levels of alpha santalol, a naturally occurring chemical compound seen to help calm the central nervous system. As a result, Sandalwood Essential Oil is believed to be one of the best essential oils for relieving stress.  

3. Popular For Aiding Sleep & Relaxation

Sandalwood Oil is highly valued for its calming properties that have been seen to quieten the central nervous system, making it one of the best essential oils for sleep.  

Additionally, thanks to its ability to clear and soothe the mind, Sandalwood Oil is also commonly used in meditation practices.  

4. Helpful For Reliving Wounds And Cuts

Sandalwood Oil contains a wealth of powerful antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that may help assist with a number of health complaints. 

When diluted and applied topically, Sandalwood Oil is known to help relieve inflammation and itching and has proven helped for reliving infected wounds, cuts, acne and boils.  

One 2014 German study even found that Sandalwood Oil helped facilitate wound healing and skin regeneration.  

5. Has Been Seen To Be Beneficial For Dry & Aging Complexions

Sandalwood Essential Oil is known to help smooth and balance complexions, making it particularly beneficial for dry and aging complexions.  

When diluted and applied topically, Sandalwood Essential Oil has been seen to cleanse and hydrate the skin’s surface.  

6. May Promote Hair Health And Shine

Sandalwood Oil’s strong astringent properties have been seen to be beneficial for preventing excess oil on the scalp, as well as encouraging hair growth and shine.  

Additionally, thanks to Sandalwood Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help soothe the scalp and treat any dry patches or dandruff.  

Popular Uses Ways To Use Sandalwood Essential Oil

When it comes to enjoying the various benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil, we recommend topical application or inhalation via a diffuser.  

Topical Application

To help treat skin concerns and enjoy the soothing properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil, dilute it into a carrier oil and apply to the skin using one of the following methods: 

  • For those wanting to apply Sandalwood Essential Oil topically, simply add a few drops to your preferred carrier oil, such as Almond or Jojoba Oil, at a 1-2% dilution. 
  • For facial application, we recommend the above method at a 1% dilution.  


To enjoy the benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil through inhalation, add a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser. To do so: 

  • Add some water to the diffuser basin 
  • Add roughly 5 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil 
  • Plug in and start your diffuser  

Quick tip: To help aid a restful sleep, diffuse Sandalwood Oil by your bedside 30-40 mins before bed. 

3 Ways To Use Sandalwood Essential Oil

Now you know the many benefits Sandalwood Essential Oil is known to offer, you might be wondering how to practically incorporate it into your routine.  

Some of the most popular ways to enjoy Sandalwood Oil include: 

Add A Few Drops To A Warm Bath

To create a calming environment or soothe irritation and inflammation, add a few drops of Sandalwood Oil to a warm bath.  

Mix With A Carrier Oil To Create A Massage Oil

For a massage oil that can help address inflammation and soreness, simply add a few drops to a carrier oil or base massage oil.  

Add To Wet Hair For A Restoring Hair Mask

To enjoy the benefits of Sandalwood Oil for the hair, apply a one or two drops to wet hair add some to your daily shampoo or conditioner.  

What Blends Well With Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Due to its unique aroma, Sandalwood Essential Oil blends well with a variety of other oils. Some popular diffuser blends include: 

To Help Focus The Mind

For A Relaxing, Inviting Blend

Lavender Essential Oil

When combined, Lavender and Sandalwood Oil's are known to help relieve feelings of stress and irratability.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense and Sandalwood are two essential oil's known for their ability to help clear and focus the mind.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Oil's incredibly refreshing citrus aroma blends well with Sandalwood's deep, woody scent.

How To You Know If You Have Quality Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Without a 100% pure Sandalwood Essential Oil, you won’t receive the oil’s proper scent and wealth of benefits.  

So, to ensure you’re purchasing a quality Sandalwood Oil, keep your eye out for certain things on the bottle. 

Top 6 Things To Look For

  1. Look for Sandalwood Oil’s Latin name, Santalum spicatum, listed on the bottle. If a product doesn’t have the Latin name listed, it’s probably a mix of synthetic ‘fragrance oils’. 
  2. The oil is packaged in a dark glass bottle. This will prevent light and heat from damaging the oil.  
  3. The label clearly states ‘100% pure Sandalwood Essential Oil’. This will ensure the product isn’t blended with any other oils.  
  4. Be sure to check the expiry date if buying in store 
  5. The product clearly states where the oil is from. 
  6. Be wary of a very low price. It could be an indicator of low quality or adulterated essential oils. 

At AWO, our Sandalwood Essential Oil is sourced from Western Australia and isn’t diluted with any other ingredients. This means you’re getting exactly what you pay for, 100% pure Sandalwood Essential Oil.  

Considerations For Using Sandalwood Essential Oil

While rare, some potential side effects that can arise as a result of Sandalwood Essential Oil use can include skin sensitivity and irritations. For this reason, we always recommend performing a skin patch test before incorporating Sandalwood Oil into your routine.   

Essential Oils like Sandalwood Oil are highly concentrated, powerful oils and have the ability to cause serious harm if ingested without the necessary expertise. For this reason, ingestion of essential oils is NOT recommended for the general public.   

We also recommend storing your Sandalwood Essential Oil in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ensuring it is not directly exposed to sunlight and out of reach of children or pets.   

What Customers Are Saying About Sandalwood Oil

“This is a beautiful oil. Great quality and I just love its aroma. Really lovely blended with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium in my facial serum”
Leanne (Verified Customer)

“Love everything about this oil”
Debbie (Verified Customer)

“Good quality essential oil, we love it so much”
Flora (Verified Customer)

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