About Us

Company Brief

Since 2013, we have been a premium supplier of wholesale oils and raw material ingredients throughout the region to leading Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Aromatherapy Wholesalers and Manufacturers.

Our oils and ingredients specialists enjoy personal relationships with our growers and suppliers of these quality products going back many years. These products are sourced direct in Australia and from other parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia, India, Latin America, Pacific Region and the USA.

Our Products

So why buy from Australian Wholesale Oils (AWO)?


How many times have you purchased material from a supplier only to find after a period of time the quality has declined and the material is not as good as the original material first sourced?

This is usually the result of the supplier finding a cheaper source!

When supplying ingredients to leading Personal Care and Pharmaceutical manufacturers we only supply the highest quality material from approved sources. Changing suppliers when a cheaper product presents is simply not an option.

AWO uses approved suppliers which in turn providing our AWO customers with reassurance that they will receive only the highest quality product EVERY TIME.


We can provide copies of product documentation upon request. Our business is about transparency and providing you as a customer a full disclosure of our products and what we do.


We buy in bulk and you save. The majority of our stock is purchased in 200 litre drums and packed down from bulk material. Our overheads are significantly less than if purchasing in small quantities meaning the delivery of our high quality product at an extremely competitive price.

Australian Wholesale Oils (AWO) your preferred supplier for consistent and highest quality products at a competitive price.