Product & Usage Related Questions

What Is The Difference Between Essential Oils & Carrier Oils?

In summary, an Essential Oil is a concentrated oil from the plant in which they were extracted and contains volatile aroma compounds from that plant. A Carrier Oil does not contain a concentrated aroma, though some may have a mild distinctive smell. Neither do they evaporate like essential oils. Carrier oils are known as a base or vegetable oil and are named Carrier as they ‘carry’ the essential oil onto the skin.


Essential Oils

Carrier Oils


  • Extracted from non-fatty plant parts such as leaves, buds, flowers, stems, roots, bark, etc.
  • Most commonly obtained by a steam distillation process (although many citrus oils are obtained by a cold pressing method)
  • Most commonly vegetable oils
  • Extracted from the fatty parts of the plant, such as the nuts, seeds, kernels, or fruit pulp
  • Usually obtained by cold or mechanical pressing

Chemical Properties

  • Oils are volatile and evaporate very quickly, especially when exposed to light 
  • Can eat into plastic which is why they should be sold and stored in glass (preferably tinted), or aluminium bottles
  • Don't tend to easily evaporate or degrade


  • Usually thin in consistency
  • Strong aroma
  • Commonly used in aromatherapy for therapeutic properties
  • Also used in the fine perfumery industry
  • Much thicker and oilier
  • Mild aroma (if any at all)
  • Can be Refined to remove colour and odour


  • Highly potent and concentrated oils
  • Should not be applied directly to the skin as this can cause severe skin irritations or even burn the skin
  • When using topically, it is recommended to ALWAYS dilute Essential Oils in a Carrier Oil prior to skin application.
  • Not very potent or concentrated and can usually be applied directly to the skin without causing any irritation (provided the individual does not have any allergies to the particular nut/plant/oil)


What Does "100% Pure” Really Mean?

When Essential Oils are referred to as ‘100% Pure’, this means the oil is sourced only from the named botanical species, from only one location or origin. There has been No tampering with the oil, No additives, fillers or dilutions, and No natural or artificial aroma components added.

Are Your Essential Oils 100% Pure?

All of our Pure Essential Oils are of a high quality standard and 100% pure, free from additives, fillers or dilutions. We do also supply a small range of popular Cosmetic and Natural Blend Essential Oils. These are blended oils that are well suited for the cosmetic industry and for those seeking the lovely aroma of essential oils, at a fraction of the price.

Are Your Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

We do not refer to our Essential Oils as ‘Therapeutic grade’ as this is simply a marketing term, commonly used in the industry. As there is no such organization or certifying body that governs the quality of essential oils, any company can use the term ‘therapeutic grade’, but does not necessarily hold any formal certification or credibility. When looking for Essential Oils for therapeutic use, it is best to find a company that supplies 100% pure oils, and can ensure the quality of their products so as to truly reap the benefits of the oil. As our oils are 100% pure, they do boast their therapeutic properties and can be used effectively for therapeutic use in aromatherapy.

If An Oil Is ‘Pure’, Does This Mean It Is Also ‘Organic’?

Short answer, No. Whilst pure oils do not contain any additives or fillers after the extraction of the oil, Organic Oils are extracted from products/plants that are farmed under certified organic growing practices, guaranteed to be grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilisers. This does not necessarily mean that our Non-Organic oils have been farmed using these pesticides, however the only way to ever fully guarantee is to purchase Certified Organic products.

Are Your Essential & Carrier Oils Organic?

We do offer a range of Certified Organic oils, which is continually growing. Our Australian Certified Organic (ACO) range of oils are all clearly labelled. If you require assurance that the oil was grown and processed organically, and follows the organic standards, we recommend you purchase from our range of Certified Organic oils. As many small farmers cannot afford to certify their organically grown plants, the only real way to guarantee the oil is organic, is to purchase those that are certified organic by a third party organization.

Can Your Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

Essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful oils, and have the ability to cause serious harm if ingested without the necessary expertise required - for this reason, ingestion of essential oils is NOT recommended for the general public. This does include carrier oils and clays etc.

Furthermore, AWO does not currently hold food accreditation on our premises, and therefore our products are not suitable for consumption.

All products stocked by Australian Wholesale Oils (AWO), are recommended primarily for cosmetic and aromatherapy purposes 

Do I Need To Dilute Essential Oils When Using Topically?

Short answer, YES! It is highly recommended to dilute all pure essential oils prior to applying topically. Essential oils are highly potent, concentrated and powerful oils, and can cause severe skin irritations or even burn the skin when not diluted. Essential Oils are also volatile, therefore when diluted with a non-volatile material (carrier oil), it makes the evaporation process much slower and allows the essential oil to be ‘carried’ into the skin, providing a more effective therapeutic outcome.

What Does The Dangerous Goods Symbol Mean?

You may notice the orange -dg-logo.jpg symbol displayed on particular products throughout the website. This highlights a hazard classification, identifying the products that are considered a ‘Dangerous Good’ (DG). This classification affects the way we are permitted to transport, handle, and store these products.
Strict Australian and International regulations and guidelines that govern the transportation of Dangerous Goods restrict our options when it comes to dispatching your order.

We are only allowed to ship these products via Road Transport, and therefore can increase transit times, particularly to Western Australia and Tasmania. Please keep this in mind when choosing your items to order.


Payment & Order Related Questions

How Much Is The Freight Cost?

Freight costs are calculated prior to your order being finalised, and is calculated automatically based on the weight and volume of your order.
You can calculate the estimated freight cost in your Shopping cart once items have been added if you wish to see the cost prior to proceeding trough the checkout.

Can I Return A Product?

Please refer to our Returns policy

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards (via Braintree - an encrypted & secure payment gateway), PayPal, AfterPay and Bank Transfer.
Please note, payments made via Bank Transfer can take up to 4 business days to clear our bank account before we can process your order for dispatch, please keep this in mind when selecting this payment option.
Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX card payments.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 - 4 business day.
Freight times vary depending on each state, and the contents of your order (i.e. if your order contains any dangerous goods, it can only travel via road transport). Please refer to our ‘Delivery Information’ page  for estimated freight lead times.

During peak trading times, office closures or busy freight periods (e.g. Christmas and Public Holidays), you may experience a slight delay, however we will endeavor to ensure your package arrives to you as soon as possible.

Who Will My Order Be Shipped With?

Orders throughout Australia are shipped using Australia Post, wherever applicable. Orders exceeding the allowable weight load, or Dangerous Good (DG) limit, will be delivered by TOLL or Local Courier.

Can I Track My Order?

Yes. On Dispatch, you will receive a ‘Shipped’ email notification which will include your tracking number and link to track your order.

What If My Order Hasn't Arrived After 10 Working Days?

Please check your tracking number via the freight carrier’s website for your order’s ETA. If your ETA date is overdue, please contact us via email or phone, so that we can investigate further with our service provider.

Can I Pick Up My Order To Save On Freight Costs?

Yes. AWO also offers a FREE Click & Collect service from our Sydney office in Rydalmere. This option can be selected from the shipping method selection in the final stages of the checkout process. For all information, please refer to our 'Delivery Information' page.

How Long Do I Have To Collect My Order?

Click & Collect orders must be collected within 6 weeks of purchase. Orders that are not collected within this time frame will be automatically cancelled and will receive a store credit for the amount paid. Please refer to our Returns policy for more information.


Wholesale & Bulk Order Related Questions

Do You Offer Discounts For Business Customers?

Yes. In September 2016 we introduced Trade accounts for our industry partners with an active ABN.

To apply for a Trade Account, please complete the registration form under the ‘Wholesale’ tab on the homepage, or visit here.
You will be required to provide us your ABN and an indication of the nature of your business and how you use, or intend to use our products for your business.

Once activated, trade pricing will automatically be applied to all future orders when placed online using your account details. Going forward, we will also run exclusive offers and discounts for our trade account holders

Can I Get Discounts For Bulk Orders?

Yes. Whilst most of our products have a large range of sizes available to purchase online, if you require quantities larger than available online, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you a quote tailored to your needs.


Miscellaneous Questions

Do you have a shop?

We have a small showroom open to the public located at our office, where you can visit, sample some of our products and purchase them where they are available.
Please note, however, that our showroom does not stock all of our products and sizes, so if you are after a particular item, please place your order online as a 'Click & Collect' order to avoid any disappointment.

We accept card payments only, no cash is accepted on site.

For opening hours, address, and details, please refer to our Contact Us page