Lemon Essential Oils

The citrusy, sharp and slightly sweet aroma of lemons is unmistakeable in our Lemon Essential Oils. You may be interested to learn that lemon essential oils have been prized since ancient times for their abilities to protect and strengthen the immune system

These popular oils have many other uses for the home, work and overall well-being. Enjoyed aromatically, Lemon Essential Oil acts as an invigorating mental energiser – promoting focus, clarity and a positive mood. It’s even said to improve cognitive ability. Use it in aromatherapy, or alternatively , like many of our customers, you may enjoy its benefits in cosmetic and skin care products.

At Australian Wholesale Oils (AWO) our Lemon Essential Oils make up just a few of our wide variety of top quality essential oils, all at great prices.

Check out our range of 100% pure  Lemon and lemon scented Essential Oils  below.