5 Benefits Of Chamomile Essential Oil (And How To Use It)

Published 3rd Apr 2024

Chamomile Essential Oil is a popular oil praised for its array of soothing benefits for the mind and body.  

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits Chamomile Essential Oil is known to offer for all aspects of life, as well as how to practically incorporate it into your routine to best enjoy these benefits.  

What Is Chamomile Essential Oil?

Chamomile Essential Oil is extracted from the flowers of the Anthemis nobilis plant species via steam distillation. The result is an oil with a beautifully sweet, fruity and herbaceous aroma.  

For this reason, Chamomile Oil is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy.  

5 Benefits Of Chamomile Essential Oil

Due to its powerful chemical composition, Chamomile Essential Oil offers many benefits for a variety of medicinal, cosmetic and aromatherapy applications. These include: 

1. Has Been Seen To Help Relieve Stress

Chamomile Essential Oil is highly sought after in aromatherapy due to its calming, soothing and relaxing properties. These properties make it a popular essential oil for reliving stress and aiding a restful night's sleep.  

In fact, a 2017 study revealed that using Chamomile Oil extract significantly improved the sleep quality among elderly people over a 28 day period.  

2. May Help Relieve Skin Conditions

The anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic properties of Chamomile Essential Oil have been seen to help treat various concerns like eczema, gout, skin irritations and rheumatic pain.  

Additionally, diluting and applying Chamomile Oil to the skin has been seen to soothe inflammations such as acne, rosacea and rashes.  

3. Believed To Promote Healthy, Shiny Hair

Chamomile Essential Oil is known to help boost collagen production on the scalp, which may help restore damaged hair follicles and aid hair growth.  

Combining Chamomile Essential Oil with various shampoos, conditioners and treatments has also been seen to add shine and softness to the hair.  

4. Known To Help Relieve Digestive Complaints

Chamomile Essential Oil’s antispasmodic compounds are known to help treat and relieve various digestive issues such as acid reflux, indigestion and diarrhea.  

Chamomile Essential Oil is known to relax the muscles that digest and move food through the intestines. For this reason, diluting and massaging Chamomile Oil onto the abdomen is believed to help treat various gastrointestinal complaints.  

5. May Work As A Natural Form Of Pain Relief

Chamomile Essential Oil is a popular natural topical anti-inflammatory agent believed to penetrate deep below the skin's surface. For this reason, it is known to treat arthritis, lower back, wrist and knee pain.   

One 2015 study revealed that Chamomile Oil significantly reduced arthritis patients need for pain medication. It also showed promising signs for increasing the patients physical function. 

Popular Ways To Use Chamomile Oil

To enjoy the many benefits of Chamomile Oil, we recommend topical application or inhalation via a diffuser.  

Topical Application

To receive the various benefits of Chamomile Oil, dilute it into a carrier oil and apply to the skin using one of the following methods.  

  • Simply add a few drops of your preferred carrier oil, such as Jojoba or Almond, at a 2-4% dilution and apply to the skin.  
  • For facial application, we recommend the same method at a 1% dilution. 


For those wanting to enjoy the soothing benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil via inhalation, add a few drops to your aromatherapy or car diffuser. To do so: 

  1. Add some water to the diffuser basin  
  2. Add roughly 5 drops of Chamomile Oil  
  3. Plug in and start your diffuser to enjoy Chamomile’s sweet, fruity aroma. 

Quick tip: To aid a restful night’s sleep, diffuse Chamomile Essential Oil by your bedside 30 minutes before going to sleep.  

3 Common Ways To Enjoy Chamomile Essential Oil

Now you know the various benefits Chamomile Essential Oil can offer for the mind and body, you might be wondering how to practically incorporate it into your routine.  

Some of the most popular ways to enjoy Chamomile Essential Oil include: 

1. Add A Few Drops To Your Shower

Add a drop of Chamomile Oil to each corner of your shower. The aroma will rise with the steam to create a soothing atmosphere.  

2. Combine With A Carrier Oil For A Soothing Serum

Add a few drops of Chamomile Oil to your favourite carrier oil to make a soothing, relieving and restoring serum for the skin. Simply apply to the affected area and experience the benefits.  

3. Combine With Your Shampoo Or Conditioner For Shiny Locks

To help promote healthy, fresh smelling hair, add a few drops of Chamomile Essential Oil into your shampoo or conditioner. 

What Does It Blend Well With?

Chamomile Oil’s sweet, floral scent blends well with many essential oils. Some popular diffuser blends with Chamomile Essential Oil include: 

To Aid A Restful Night’s Sleep

For A Sweet Uplifting Blend

Lavender Oil

Diffusing a blend of Chamomile and Lavender Oil is believed to aid a restful nights sleep.

Sandalwood Oil

Calm the nerves and ease feelings of stress with a blend of Chamomile and Sandalwood Oils.

Lime Oil

Chamomile's sweet, fruity scent blends beautifully with Rose Geranium's herbacous aroma.

How Do You Know If You Have Quality Chamomile Essential Oil

The quality and purity of Chamomile Essential Oil is highly dependent on where it is purchased. So, to ensure you’re buying a quality product, you’ll want to keep your eye out for the following things on the bottle.  

Top 6 Things To Look For

  1. The oils Latin name, in this case Anthemis nobilis, listed on the bottle. If a product doesn’t have the Latin name listed, it’s probably a mix of synthetic fragrance oils.  
  2. Oil packaging is in a dark glass bottle. This will prevent light and heat from damaging the oil.   
  3. The label clearly states ‘100% pure Chamomile Essential Oil’. This will ensure the product isn’t blended with any other oils.   
  4. Be sure to check the expiry date if buying in store  
  5. The product clearly states where the oil is from.  
  6. Be wary of a very low price. It could be an indicator of low quality or adulterated essential oils. 

At AWO, we ethically source our Chamomile Essential Oil from England and do not dilute it with any other ingredients. This means you’re getting exactly what you pay for, 100% pure Chamomile Essential Oil naturally extracted via steam distillation.

Safety, Side Effects & Considerations

Although rare, Chamomile Oil use may result in skin irritations or allergic reactions. That's why we always recommend performing a skin patch test before incorporating Chamomile Oil into your routine.   

AWO’s Chamomile Oil is 100% pure and therefore very concentrated, so we always recommend diluting before using topically. Because they are so potent, essential oils can cause serious harm if ingested without the necessary expertise.   

For this reason, you should never ingest essential oils. We also recommend storing your Chamomile Essential Oil in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ensuring that they are not directly exposed to sunlight and are out of reach of children or pets. 

What Customers Are Saying About Chamomile Oil

“Top quality. A little goes a long way with this delightfully fruity, calming oil. Exquisite in combination with Lavender Essential OilGeorgia (Verified Customer)

“Very nice and effective oil. I usually add it to a vaporizer with Lavender Oil
Zoran (Verified Customer)

“Very pleased with it. I not only use it for aromatherapy, but I also rub it on my pelvis when I have cramps and it works wonders!” Olga (Verified Customer)

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