4 Soothing Essential Oils For Sleep

Published 17th Oct 2023

Essential Oils For Sleep

A great night’s sleep does wonders for our health. According to a sleep health survey conducted by the Sleep Health Foundation, 33 – 45% of Australian adults struggle with inadequate sleep.

There are a variety of reasons for inadequate sleep such as stress or poor diet. But essential oils for sleep are a natural and popular solution to improve your sleep quality, helping you feel rested and energised.

Benefits Of Essential Oils For Sleep

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, as well as mental and physical wellness. Today, these same essential oils are increasingly being used due to their host of benefits for sleep and overall health.

In fact, a 2005 study assessed how Lavender Essential Oil increased the amount of slow and deep wave sleep in 31 participants. All participants reported feeling “higher vigor” the following morning.

Whether it’s easing feelings of stress before going to bed or creating a relaxing atmosphere, essential oils for sleep offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Relief for disrupted sleep
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Achieving deeper sleep
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving daily energy levels

And with essential oils being inexpensive and easy to introduce to a daily and nightly routine, there is no reason not to give them a try. There are many essential oils that can help you relax and make falling asleep easier. These oils are outlined below:

Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Every essential oil for sleep has versatile properties, meaning that the same essential oil may be used to assist sleep in different ways. Below is a list of some of our favourite essential oils for sleep:

Lavender Essential Oil

Perhaps the most well-known of essential oils, Lavender Essential Oil is recognised for its benefits in relieving feelings of stress. And with its pleasantly sweet, floral and herbaceous aroma, it’s no surprise that this oil is one of the best essential oils for promoting a restful sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil has sedative properties, making it ideal for treating insomnia, sleep difficulty, stress, and nervous tension. When it comes to quietening the brain and nervous system, you just can’t go wrong with Lavender oil.

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Sleep

Lavender Essential Oil can be used in several ways:

  • Diffusing: To experience these Lavender Essential Oil benefits you may add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser approximately 30 – 40 minutes prior to sleep.
  • Essential Oil Spray: Another popular way to experience these calming benefits of Lavender Essential Oil is to dilute your oil in water, add to a spray bottle, shake the dilution and spray the mixture onto your pillow before sleeping.

  • Diluting: You can also dilute your Lavender Essential Oil in a carrier oil, add your dilution to a roller bottle and apply to the forehead, temples and chest. As a general guideline we always recommend a 2 – 4% dilution for skin application and a 1 - 2% dilution for facial application.

Frankincense Olibanum Essential Oil

Comprised of an overall warm, earthy, and slightly woody aroma, Frankincense Essential Oil (also known as Frankincense Olibanum Essential Oil) is known to have calming benefits for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or having problems getting to sleep. As Frankincense Oil is mingled with spicy yet fruity undertones, this makes it a calming and comforting essential oil for sleep.

Frankincense Oil is known to have a stress relieving effect and is commonly used by those wanting to unwind and relax the body.

How To Use Frankincense Essential Oil For Sleep

To receive these benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil, try adding a drop or two to your essential oil diffuser. If you do not own a diffuser, add a drop or two to a handkerchief and inhale the aroma at a distance.

You can also achieve the incredible calming benefits of Frankincense Oil by adding a few drops to a warm bath. The aroma will rise with the steam to clear and relax the mind.

For topical applications, one of the most common Frankincense Oil uses would be diluting your Frankincense oil in a carrier oil and applying to the pulse points (temples, chest and behind the ears).

Bergamot Essential Oil

Because of its natural calming properties Bergamot Essential Oil benefits are known to reduce symptoms of nervous tension, and negative emotions.

Bergamot Essential Oil is also used to facilitate sleep. Whilst most citrus oils are known to have a stimulating effect on the brain, Bergamot Oil naturally contains the chemical compound ‘Linalool’, which is known to have a sedative effect, assisting with sleep quality.

Bergamot Essential Oil is also known to improve mood and mild symptoms of stress-related disorders. Other clinical studies suggest that Bergamot Essential Oil can assist with lowering high blood pressure and heart rates.

How To Use Bergamot Essential Oil For Sleep

In aromatherapy, Bergamot oil can be used in an essential oil diffuser or a vaporiser to fill your environment with the refreshing aroma.

You may also add a few drops of Bergamot oil to a warm bath or dilute your Bergamot oil in a carrier oil and massage it into the pulse points (temples, wrists and behind the ears).

Essential Oil Pack Designed For Sleep

AWO's Essential Oil Pack for sleep includes three essential oils known for their calming and restorative benefits. Able to be used separately or combined to create the perfect sleep blend, this essential oil pack is a great option for those who are struggling to find the best essential oils for sleep.

Inside you can find:

Lavender Essential Oil (15ml): Known to be one of the best essential oils for sleep, Lavender Oil is valued for its ability to relieve stress and restlessness. The anxiolytic properties within Lavender Oil also work to calm the brain and central nervous system.

Bergamot Essential Oil (15ml): Amongst many benefits, Bergamot Essential Oil is known for its calming and soothing abilities. With a delightfully citrus-sweet and refreshing essence, Bergamot Oil has been seen to ease symptoms of insomnia whilst inducing feelings of relaxation and sedation.

Frankincense Essential Oil (15ml): In addition to its well-balanced aroma, Frankincense Essential Oil is highly valued for its ability to clear the mind and for this reason, it is commonly used in meditation. It has also been seen to reduce the heart rate whilst promoting overall relaxation.

How to dilute essential oils. Essential oils dilution guide.

Essential Oil Blends For Sleep

Essential oil blends combine two or more compatible oils. This can give a more concise solution to your sleep problem and adds an enhanced interest to your fragrance experience. The chosen essential oils complement each other, working together in a balanced formula to solve your sleep problems.

Essential oil blends for a calm and restful slumber can include Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Together the combination of these essential oils work to quieten the brain and nervous system and encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Best Essential Oil Blend For Sleep (AWO's Pick)

AWO’s Slumber Essential Oil Blend has been specifically formulated to encourage a peaceful and restorative night’s sleep. Prepared right here in Australia, it contains 100% pure Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang. These three oils are known as some of the best essential oils for sleep.

Within this essential oil blend, Lavender; Neroli and Ylang Ylang, work together to calm the mind and nervous system. The Slumber Essential Oil Blend can also be used in your bedside diffuser or applied topically to the pulse points (we recommend Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier oil).

Other Tips For A Restful Night's Sleep

There are numerous hints and tips available for those wanting to improve their sleep. Some of the more natural ways include:

  • Try not to consume caffeine late in the day
  • Try to establish a sleep and awake routine
  • Get some sunlight during the day
  • Reduce blue light exposure in the evening (phones, TV, computers)
  • Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

Where To Buy Essential Oils For Sleep

While essential oils are generally available to purchase at health, wellness and retail stores, it is important to keep in mind that the purity and quality of these essential oils will vary. That is why we recommend finding a reputable supplier.

Here at AWO we have a wide selection of 100% pure essential oils and organic essential oils that are sold at reasonable prices. Because our stock is purchased in bulk quantities our costs are significantly less, which allows us to offer our high-quality products at affordable prices. We are also based right here in Australia!

Essential oils for sleep.

Essential Oil Safety

Whilst essential oils are natural products, they are extremely potent and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly. For this reason, we recommend the following:

  • In line with the Therapeutic Goods Act, we do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the guidance of a registered Aromatherapist or Naturopath.
  • Avoid using Essential Oils during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
  • We recommend storing your Essential Oils in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ensuring that they are not directly exposed to sunlight and are out of reach of children or pets.
  • Essential Oils can be very concentrated and are likely to cause irritation or reactions if applied directly to the skin. For this reason, it is important to first dilute your essential oils before using topically (on the skin). Our recommended dilution percentages can be found under the ‘Best Essential Oils For Sleep’ section.


Ko LW, Su CH, Yang MH, Liu SY, Su TP, 2021, ‘A pilot study on essential oil aroma stimulation for enhancing slow-wave EEG in sleeping brain’, National Library of Medicine

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.

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