Clove Bud Essential Oil

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100% Pure Clove Bud Essential Oil

Strong, spicy, woody and penetrating, the aroma of AWO’s pure Clove Bud Essential Oil will probably be very familiar to you. Clove Bud Essential Oil owes much of its potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits to its dominant ingredient, eugenol.  

Clove Bud Essential Oil comes from the buds of the clove tree, a native of South East Asian countries such as Indonesia. Mixed with other oils, for example olive and coconut, it’s great as a massage oil. When used in a steam inhaler, it’s known to help ease respiratory infections. In medicinal topical applications pure Clove Bud Essential Oil has also been known to assist in the treatment of wounds, cuts and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Mix clove oil with citrus essential oils to form an effective insect repellent. Plus you can also use it in your existing skin care products to boost their benefits.

Clove Bud Essential Oil blends well with Basil, Cinnamon, Citronella, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils.

Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllata

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Plant part:  Flowering top/bud

Method of extraction: Steam distillation

Safety: Skin irritant – use in moderation. Perform a skin test with a drop of oil for any side effects before using. May cause photo-sensitivity in some cases. Avoid during pregnancy.

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    Clove Oil

    Posted by Colleen Fitzpatrick on 5th Jun 2019

    Very good quality, would highly recommend.

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    Clove Bud Oil

    Posted by Iain Macleod on 5th Feb 2019

    I find that clove bud oil is effective (after a few minutes) in relieving itchiness resulting from insect bites.

  • 5
    Natural Termite Deterrent.

    Posted by Michelle on 12th Jul 2018

    I bought this as a natural termite deterrent and sprayed it onto the bottom of my wooden blanket box.
    Not only does it smell simply divine, I know it is keeping the nasties away and naturally too.
    The cardboard tube storage container is a plus too for it's initial delivery but also for storage keeping it out of the light and if it happens to get knocked off the shelf, it's not going to break.
    Quality from start to finish.

  • 5
    Good Quality

    Posted by Denise on 5th Jun 2018

    The oils are good Quality and great price

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jo on 2nd Apr 2018

    I was most pleasantly surprised. Fantastc product at a very good price. Packaging is excellent and delivery was very prompt. The oils are good quality and I thoroughly enjoy using them. Lovely to see a company that is not trying to rip off their customers with unrealistic prices. Have recommended AWO to all my friends. Thank you!

  • 5
    Cleaning with Clove Oil

    Posted by Cathy on 20th Jan 2018

    I bought this oil after I read that clove oil was great at actually killing mould and our bathroom ceiling was showing definite evidence of a very unhealthy bloom. I used a few drops of the oil in a spray bottle with water and the ceiling was done within half an hour. The smell is wonderful and stayed in the bathroom for days afterwards. No more chemical smell. No more asthmatic responses to toxic cleaners. It's great value for money and the supermarket bathroom cleaners cannot compete. This oil will definitely be a staple in my cleaning kit. PS The bathroom bloom has not re-appeared. Winning.

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    Clove bud oil as a mild anaesthetic

    Posted by Iain Macleod on 7th Dec 2017

    I've found that clove bud oil is useful for reducing the itch with insect bites. You need to be careful not to get it onto sensitive skin such as eyelids or it will be painful for quite a while. The 100ml bottle lasts for a long time and is much better value than smaller bottles at the local pharmacist.

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    yuuuum smells like food i want to eat

    Posted by Tash on 17th Nov 2017

    compared to essential oils in shops (won't name names) these ones are unbeatable quality and PRICE sooo much cheaper than $20AUD for 10ml at other stores.

    Packaged in individual cardboard tubes (i keep them in to prevent UV damage to oil)

    CLOVE BUD - smells spicy - i use 8 drops in my cheap kmart diffuser and the whole room smells divine

  • 5
    good products

    Posted by michellE on 27th Oct 2017

    Beautiful product and packaging and great price