Fennel Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Published 18th Aug 2022

Uses And Benefits Of Fennel Essential Oil

Traditionally, the fennel herb was used by ancient Greek physicians to treat cramping and digestive upsets. Interestingly, it was also believed to increase strength and for this reason, some of the first Olympic athletes ate the seeds from the fennel plant.

Fast forward to now, Fennel Essential Oil, also known as Fennel Sweet Essential Oil, is known for its many versatile benefits that have been seen to assist in all aspects of life, from medicinal practices to cosmetic uses and aromatherapy.

What Is Fennel Essential Oil?

Steam distilled from the seeds of the Foeniculum vulgare botanical species, Fennel Essential Oil carries an earthy and sweet aroma that is commonly likened to the smell of liquorish.

Benefits Of Fennel Essential Oil

Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil for Medicinal Use

  • When used topically, the benefits of Fennel Essential Oil are known to detoxify the body whilst helping to relieve pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism.
  • The antispasmodic action further works to ease cardiovascular and respiratory related complaints such as asthma, congestion and excessive coughing.
  • When diluted and applied to wounds, the antiseptic activity within this oil has been seen to prevent potential infection.
  • Other Fennel Oil benefits are known to relieve spasms and because of this, it is commonly used to relieve muscle contractions, excessive coughing, hiccups, digestive cramps, and convulsions.
  • It has also been seen to assist those experiencing chronic coughing, as it works to break down mucus and phlegm that may be the cause of congestion in the respiratory tract.

Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil for Cosmetic Use

  • When diluted and used on the skin, various Fennel Essential Oil benefits are known to soothe, cleanse and tone the skin. This is due to the countless antioxidants within this essential oil.
  • It is further believed to be particularly beneficial for mature skin types.

Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

  • In aromatherapy, Fennel Essential Oil is highly valued for its carminative affect, which not only works to calm the mind, but has also been seen to ease pain in the abdomen and chest.
  • Due to the pleasant aroma, Fennel Essential Oil is a favoured essential oil to diffuse around the home.
  • It has also been seen to stimulate and invigorate the mind and for this reason, it is a great essential oil to have diffusing in offices or study spaces.

Popular Uses and Benefits of Fennel Oil

Fennel Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

How To Use Fennel Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

  • In aromatherapy, Fennel Essential Oil is prized for its calmative effect that not only assists those feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but also works to calm the body. This makes it useful to anyone experiencing spasming, aches and pain.
  • When inhaled, it has further been seen to exert a stimulating effect, making it useful to those in need of that 3pm pick-me-up!
  • The pleasant aroma of Fennel Oil also makes it a popular essential oil to diffuse around the home.

Fennel Essential Oil for Skin

How To Use Fennel Essential Oil for Skin

  • When diluted and used topically, the benefits of Fennel Oil are known to strengthen, tone and soothe the skins surface.
  • When applied to cuts and wounds, the antiseptic properties within this essential oil have also been seen to prevent infection and encourage the healing process.

Fennel Essential Oil for General Health and Wellbeing

How To Use Fennel Essential Oil for General Health and Wellbeing

  • Fennel Essential Oil is known to be a fantastic essential oil for cold and flu symptoms.
  • When diffused and inhaled, it has also been seen to relieve excessive mucus and phlegm from the respiratory.

Fennel Essential Oil for Coughing

How To Use Fennel Essential Oil for Coughing

  • Fennel Oil has proven to be particularly beneficial to those suffering from excessive coughing.
  • When diffused and inhaled, the antispasmodic properties work to ease the respiratory tract which in turn, may reduce coughing fits.

Fennel Essential Oil for Pain

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil for Pain

  • When used topically, Fennel Essential Oil has been seen to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • This may further assist with pain that may come from arthritis or rheumatism.

How To Use Fennel Essential Oil?

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil in Aromatherapy?

Diffusing: One of the most common ways to use Fennel Essential Oil is in an aromatherapy diffuser or electric vaporizer. Simply add a few drops and let the aroma fill your environment.
Inhaling: For those who do not own a diffuser or vaporizer, the benefits of Fennel Oil can also be received by inhaling directly from the bottle. Just be sure to avoid direct contact with the skin as this may result in irritation.
Warm Bath: For those wanting to ease inflammation, simply add a few drops to a warm bath.
Cleansing Shower: You can also add a drop of Fennel Oil to each corner of your shower, the aroma will rise with the steam to create a decongesting atmosphere.

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil on the Skin (Topical Application)

Massage: To create a Fennel infused massage oil, add a few drops to a carrier oil or base massage oil and massage into sore areas. This may be particularly beneficial to anyone wanting to ease inflammation and pain.
Skin Serum: To treat various skin complaints, add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply to troubled areas.
Moisturiser: Fennel Essential Oil can also be added to any moisturisers to enhance existing benefits.

How to dilute essential oils. Essential oils dilution guide.

Where To Buy Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil can generally be found in any health, cosmetic and wellbeing retail stores however, it is important to know that the quality and purity of essential oils will vary according to where they are purchased. For this reason, we always recommend finding a reputable and reliable supplier who is willing to provide product documentation.

Here at AWO quality and purity are of paramount importance and that is why we only provide Fennel Sweet Essential Oil that is 100% pure, simply follow the link below:

Fennel Oil benefits. Fennel Oil uses.

What Customers Are Saying About Fennel Oil

This is great paired with Ginger! I use it in a roller on my tummy when I feel unease and it helps so much! Also great with Peppermint or Lavender too, on those long windy car trips that make me feel a tad queasy. Top quality!”
Thelma (Verified Customer)

“Great product, beautiful smell, very effective!”
Monique (Verified Customer)

Fennel Essential Oil Safety

Whilst essential oils are natural products, they are extremely potent and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly. For this reason, we recommend the following:

  • In line with the Therapeutic Goods Act, we do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the guidance of a registered Aromatherapist or Naturopath.
  • Avoid using Fennel Essential Oils during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
  • We recommend storing your Essential Oils in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ensuring that they are not directly exposed to sunlight and are out of reach of children or pets.
  • Fennel Essential Oil is very concentrated and is likely to cause irritation or reactions if applied directly to the skin. For this reason, it is important to first dilute your essential oils before using topically (on the skin). Our recommended dilution percentages can be found under the ‘Directions for Use’ section.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.

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