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AWO's Arnica Infused Oil is a 100% natural product, made by harvesting fresh Arnica plants, followed by drying them out, and then mixing them together with pure Sunflower Oil. The ingredients are left to infuse naturally for 7-10 days, using no heat, chemicals or other ingredients. The resulting infused oil is then filtered, tested, and then packaged up for shipment.

Arnica, also referred to as 'mountain tobacco', has been used topically for centuries due to its ability to help with a wide range of conditions such as bruises, inflammation, sprains, muscle aches, wounds, joint pain, and the list goes on. It is widely known to stimulate blood flow and act as an anti-inflammatory when applied topically, which explains why it is so commonly used in bruising and scar healing treatments.

Our Arnica Infused Oil also has the added benefit of the Sunflower Oil component, which is high in vitamin E and has an abundance of its own amazing properties (read more about the benefits of Sunflower Oil here), however, the real hero of this product is the Arnica infusion which has a wealth of benefits:

  • Highly soothing and with anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica is often used to help treat swollen or bruised skin.
  • Arnicas anti-inflammatory and healing ability may help to reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, sprains, strained muscles, bruises, muscle aches, joint pain and even aid in mild wound healing.
  • These same anti-inflammatory properties have been seen to help ease swelling and puffiness under the eyes and around the face – perfect for helping reduce under eye circles.
  • Arnica Oil can also be useful for other inflammatory conditions such as swelling from broken bones, puffiness from insect bites, and may also aid in reducing the symptoms of phlebitis (surface level vein inflammation).
  • Also boasting antioxidant action, Arnica can help reduce the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, blemishes, & uneven skin tone.
  • Not just for skin though, other Arnica benefits have been seen to help strengthen hair and decrease hair loss, as well as benefit dandruff, oily scalp, and other scalp conditions. Regular massaging of the scalp with Arnica can deliver healthy looking, silky hair.

Arnica Infused Oil Key Benefits:

Among many, some of the most notable benefits of Arnica Infused Oil are;

  • 100% Pure & Natural vegetable origin
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties
  • Highly soothing & healing
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Aids recovery of bruising, sprains & strains
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation
  • Eases muscle aches & joint pain
  • May reduce under-eye puffiness
  • Can help ease the symptoms of phlebitis
  • Assists with mild wound healing
  • Antioxidant action
  • Helps reduce appearance of premature ageing
  • Beneficial for easing insect bite discomfort
  • Antibacterial
  • May strengthen hair & decrease hair loss

Arnica Infused Oil Uses:

Listed below are just some of the popular uses for Arnica Infused Oil:

  • Skin care treatments
  • Lotions, creams & moisturizers
  • Face masks & serums
  • Under eye creams
  • Body & Massage Oils
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Hair masks & treatments

How to use Arnica Infused Oil

Infused oils can be used as ingredients in skincare product formulations, simply mixed with a carrier oil or even used directly on the skin in full strength (although we do recommend diluting for better skin application & added benefits). Below we've listed some of our favourite ways to use Arnica Infused Oil:

  • Direct: Apply Arnica Infused Oil directly to symptomatic areas, such as bruises and scars, to help soothe and boost healing.
  • Body Oil: To create a healing and soothing body oil, combine 1 part Arnica Infused Oil to 4 parts Carrier Oil (or Carrier Oil Blend) of choice. Apply to affected areas, or all over your body.
  • Massage: Add up to 20% Arnica Infused Oil to a carrier oil or base massage oil and massage over your body to help stimulate blood flow.
  • Hair Mask: Prepare a dilution of Arnica Infused Oil (5-20%) in a Carrier Oil of your choice (try Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil) and apply to your scalp to create a nourishing and healing hair mask.
  • Serums & Creams: Arnica Infused Oil can be added to your existing face serums and creams to help boost their benefits.
  • Skincare Formulations: Calendula Infused Oil makes an excellent addition to D.I.Y formulations such as face & skin serums, body butters, lotions and moisturizers. Try adding it in lieu of 25% of whatever carrier oil is required in the recipe.


Things to consider when using Arnica Infused Oil

  • Arnica contains compounds that are considered toxic when ingested - use topically only.
  • For this same reason, Arnica infused oil should never be applied to open wounds.

Botanical Names: Arnica Montana & Helianthus Annus
Other Name/s: Arnica Infused in Sunflower Oil
INCI Names: Arnica Montana & Helianthus Annus Seed Oil
Cas Number: 68990-11-4 & 8001-21-6
EINECS Number: 273-579-2 & 232-273-9

Ingredients: Arnica Montana (20%) & Helianthus Annus Seed Oil (80%)
Manufacturing Method: Natural herb infusion in Sunflower Oil

Appearance: Oily viscous liquid
Yellow to Green

Country of Origin:

Recommended Usage: 1% - 100%


Arnica Infused Oil Safety & Storage

  • Arnica Infused Oil is not to be taken internally - it is considered toxic when ingested. Additionally, our business specialises in aromatherapy & skincare products; therefore, our products are not food grade and for this reason we advise against ingesting these products or using them for culinary purposes.
  • Infused oils should be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • We recommend storing your infused oils in a dark, cool place at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

100% Pure & Natural

Our products are ethically sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

No GMO's Or Synthetics

This product is free from genetically modified organisms and synthetic enhancers.

Not Tested On Animals

We are proud to ensure that our products are not tested on animals.

Vegan Friendly

This product is plant based and vegan friendly.

Recyclable Packaging

We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Dangerous Goods Notice:

This item cannot be shipped overseas or via express within Australia as it is classified as a Dangerous Good for shipping purposes.