Aromatherapy Recipes

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Aromatherapy Recipes



Here's what my book is going to teach you:

*The difference between the essential oils and the vegetable oils*General preview of different schools of aromatherapy: The British School of Aromatherapy vs The French School of Aromatherapy*What is Aromatology? How does it differ from Aromatherapy?*The basic precautions and contraindications*How to make sure that you use only pure, 100% organic essential oils*How I set up my mini aroma studio at home to pamper myself when I need it* How to make the treatments a part of your lifestyle- the motivational part*An appendix: the properties of the essential oils mentioned throughout my recipe blends*How to develop your aroma-intuition*The general overview of other forms of application apart from massage (e.g. internal usage of essential oils, using essential oils undiluted and other ideas that clinical aromatherapists- aromatologists present).My aromatherapy recipe book is mostly addressed for beginners as well as for massage therapists who wish to discover how to customize their treatments with the essential oils. 99% of the treatments I share are focused on application via massage. I also briefly introduce the concept of aromatology (scientific aromatherapy) and a myriad of ways that aromatherapy can be utilized.

Discover My Aromatherapy Blends Recipes!

Over 30 Aroma Recipes for Health, Beauty and Holistic Wellness:*Blends for hair care*Blends for skin care*Blends for relaxation and rejuvenation*Blends for the mind*Blends for the spirit*Natural beauty treatments blends (anti-cellulite, moisturizing, after shave for men)*Healthy and therapeutic (e.g. natural lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, Tendinitis, colds and flu)*Blends for emotional wellbeing and for meditation*How to use aromatherapy for common, stress-related complaints (headaches, low energy levels, muscular tension due to stress)* How I use essential oils internally* More aromatherapy ideas to inspire you and motivate you to turn aromatherapy rituals into your everyday habit. Make aromatherapy your very own lifestyle!

Author: Martha Tuchowska
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 180
Published: 29th April 2014
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